I wrote a story about going to the moon.

We made 10 using the Numicon.

We matched the dots and numbers to make the eggs.

We lived Easter colouring together.

Can you see how many Easter dough cakes we made?

Drawing pictures together.

Nursery leant us their tadpoles. We enjoyed watching them and learning about them.

Look at my brilliant elephant!

Here are the drawings we drew of the beach and the sea.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from all of class RG! Have a look at our fantastic bonnets!

Red Nose Day 2017!

Weve all been having a fun morning doing lots of red nose colouring and we took part in a bake sale 😌 Here are some pictures of us enjoying our cakes in the sunshine 🙂

Our Alice in Wonderland door

Alice’s tea party.

We loved having our tea party this afternoon.

World Book Day

We are having a fun time on World Book Day.  We are dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. Hopefully we won’t be late for anything like the White Rabbit was.🐇😊

Parachute PE.

Today we had the parachute in our PE session. We had to balance the crabs in the middle, it was very tricky.

We pretended to be crabs, starfish, seagulls and sharks. We had to run around and underneath the parachute.

At the end we played a team game. We were brilliant at balancing and jumping.😊

Peppa pig party!

Some of us decided that we wanted to learn a bit more about Peppa Pig so we decided we would all plan a little party! We’ve been very busy with our planning, we made decorations and invitations and it took us a long time to make sure we had enough party plates and cups for everybody to come! Eventually on party day we got to work, we made a giant tablecloth and made sure we counted enough plates and cups for everybody. We handed out invitations to our friends and finally we got to enjoy our party! We hope you enjoy our pictures 😊