Pizza Parlour!

Today we have been pizza chefs! Our playdough area has been turned into a pizza parlour with lots of pizza dough, tomato sauce and toppings. We’ve been looking at pictures of pizza and we watched a video of pizza being made to give us some ideas. We’ve been stretching and rolling our dough and discussing the different flavours! Here are some pictures..

Our first P.E lesson!

Today we had our first P.E lesson and it was fantastic! We all got into groups and had to become little trains travelling to the seaside! We did lots of different travelling around the room and had so much fun! Here are some pictures of us doing great P.E 😀




Christmas party!

We’ve had such a fun time at our Christmas party! Here we are enjoying our party food!

Christmas jumper day!

Snowman counting.

We did some great addition counting this morning, finding the correct number of Pom poms and counting them to find the total number. Good job everybody! 

Fabulous Phonics.


We were fantastic in phonics today.


We worked in teams to match the word to the correct picture.


Chicken time.


We went to see the chickens this morning.


We gave them some more found to eat.


We filled up the water tubs.


We gave them some corn to eat in their house.

Spotty, dotty Pudsey day.


We had so much fun making spotty biscuits today.


We mixed the icing sugar.


Then we out the icing on our biscuits and decorated them with little smarties.


A visit from Pudsey!

Yesterday we were very lucky to have a visit from Radio Lancashire and PUDSEY BEAR! We were all very excited to see Pudsey Bear! Take a look!

image image image image

Children in need.

Today was a special day at school fundraising for children in need. The children got to wear something spotty and could donate some money to help children in need and Pudsey Bear. We had lots of Pudsey activities in our classroom and the children were all really enjoying making pudseys and decorating cakes. Take a look at some of our pictures….



image image image image image image